"The WEX was a day for goosebumps. The expo was full of great tips and info for entrepreneurs. Even more, I connected with women who are brilliant, authentic, full of insights, curious, and strong. We will be back next year!"

Kate Viggiano Janich
Co-Founder, Rowan Tree

"I drove from Suffolk, VA to be at this event and I’m so glad I did. The speakers were so inspiring and I’m so glad I got to meet Alexa Carlin in person. I hope to attend next year’s DC WEX!"

Leelynn Brady
Executive Assistant for Agape Travel & Tours

"The WEX event provided a great opportunity to meet many ladies wanting to be a part of the many local groups and organizations that were present among the vendors, speakers and fellow attendees.  It was a great event to network and see how helpful we all can be for each other. Many of the vendors that were present offered great products and services. Looking forward to next year!"

Marsha Feldman
Ms. U.S. Ambassador Queen Woman of Achievement 2017

"WEX was an amazing event of women professionals, entrepreneurs and vendors who are leading the way to new heights of empowerment and change in the world.. I highly recommend every new business owner or dreamer or entrepreneur to attend – to learn about and grow not only their business,  but themselves! Awesome job Alexa!"

Andrea Hammer
Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, HappyLife Coach, Women's Self Defense Instructor

"This was the first time I attended WEX DC and I am in love! The attendees were fantastic and there was such an upbeat, happy, supportive vibe to this event. I am definitely coming back next year, as a speaker or as an attendee."

Lisa Nicholls
CEO, Tira! Strategies

"Had a great time learning and sharing at the Women’s Empowerment Expo. Met so many wonderful people who are doing great things.Can’t wait to connect with all the people that I’ve met."

Morgan Fykes

"I had such an amazing time at WEX. I learned so much from other women who have already been successful in business. I can’t wait to attend next year’s expo!"

Nikki C
The Creative Media Agency

"The event was incredible. It was so great to see all these women entrepreneurs in one room. The energy was incredible and inspiring. I really like the way you ran the pitches for the Female Founders Pitch Competition."

Zsia Rosmarin
Partner at WithumSmith+Brown, PC

"I did not know what to expect from WEX and was a bit nervous attending solo. I ended up having a great time, the day went by so quickly with so many educational workshops, inspiring speakers, and I met some wonderful women throughout the day as well. I’m definitely looking forward to WEX 2018!"

Rosa M.

"WEXDC is an annual event that shouldn’t be missed by women who want to grow and evolve. It’s the only event I’ve attended where everyone was positive and interested in networking and collaboration and not competition."

Real Estate Analyst

"Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the Women Empower Expo and the Turn Your Passion to Profit panel.  I am so impressed with what you have created.  I owe so much of my success to the fact that I have partnered and networked with other women along the way.  It was great to see other women seeing that as a key component to success when so many out there view others as competition."

Valerie Solomon
 CEO, Busy Mom Gets Fit & GORGO Magazine

"I came to this event,  with hopes of networking. I never imagined that it would help me find direction, encouragement and a new perspective.  I left the event feeling empowered and sure about where i was going and how i would get there. I took a picture from the balcony and made a goal to be on the stage discussing the importance of mental health in 3 yrs.  That’s the first goal i made for myself since i was 16. The inspiration that i feel will not fade i have a new belief in myself now. Thank you so much for this event and i will see you all next yr!!"

"Tee" Hardy creator of Real Time In The Mind

"I can’t wait to go to WEX again! Last year jump started a momentum that was in me and temporarily dormant. Suzanne Adam’s lecture description spoke to me. I went there and tears poured out of my eyes. I bought her book, I went to her Summit in West Palm, and saw Alexa there too! My life took a spiritual turn and has been forever changed, with all these connections."

Lori Arbel
Fort Lauderdale Editor & Publisher, Macaroni Kid

"If you’re thinking about starting a business, I highly recommend that you attend the 2019 WEX event. It was awe inspiring to see so many women together under one roof, encouraging and supporting one another, but it need not be an annual event; we should be doing this anyway. Let WEX show you how."

Tanya Ramey

"The diversity of topics and speakers ensured that there was something for everyone. WEX touched on my interests and questions. Speakers were awesome and I left with some great takeaways."

C. Cross

"Thank you so much for such an incredible event on Saturday! The programming, attendees, exhibitors, staff were all so supportive, friendly and genuine. We have attended many events over the last 9 years and I can honestly say this was one of the most organized, professional and motivating events we have ever exhibited at."

Bonnie Schmidt

"I wanted to follow up with you to personally thank you for the opportunity to showcase my brand at the Women Empower Expo. What you are doing is so necessary! We as entrepreneurs, especially female, can accomplish so much together than apart! We should support eachother’s dreams and ideas. I pray that the expo comes back to Florida, but I will travel!! Thanks again for your dedication, vision, ideas and dreams that have manifested into the Women Empower Expo."

Amanda Chattic
The Purse Lady

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