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“When you hear women’s empowerment, you think of a group of women getting together to encourage each other. But WEX was so much more! Filled with women that attended with one common goal, growth. Whether it was growth in business, personally or growing their network. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by smiles and rich purple t-shirt wearing volunteers. Amazed by the number of women I knew it was a going to be a good day. Immediately I noticed Alexa, the Founder greeting attendees and taking pictures. She took her time to take pictures, with the many women who requested, including me! It was a breath of fresh air to know that we could meet with the woman behind the idea to bring us together to grow. Each class was packed with attendees, the information given was so vital that many of us stood the entire session. I attended breakout sessions that would help my business, health, and personal relationships. The entire day was one that still has left me in awe. I have bragged about the day since that day! My girlfriends and girl bosses will be in attendance next year!” Ashley Eubanks, Founder, The Beauty Initiative

“Thank you so much for such an incredible event on Saturday! The programming, attendees, exhibitors, staff were all so supportive, friendly and genuine. We have attended many events over the last 9 years and I can honestly say this was one of the most organized, professional and motivating events we have ever exhibited at. ScentsAbility had an excellent sales day and we have many leads to connect with. In addition we are so grateful to be given the opportunity to speak about our mission and spread the word about our mission to provide job training, employment and housing to young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” – Bonnie Schmidt, Exhibitor, Scentsability

“I really enjoyed this expo it was very inspiring and educational. As a entrepreneur and a woman I felt like I can conquer the world  after hearing the speakers and the stories that were told. I’m definitely looking forward to next year.” – Melissa, WEXDC 2017 Attendee

“I hope you are still flying high for the amazing event you put together with your outstanding team. It’s hard to believe this was the 2nd year!  I’ve been to many events & participated in many as well and WEX was by far the best.” – Lourdes Sanchez, CYO, OM Yoga & Wellness Studios

“The WEX event provided a great opportunity to meet many ladies wanting to be a part of the many local groups and organizations that were present among the vendors, speakers and fellow attendees. It was a great event to network and see how helpful we all can be for each other.  Many of the vendors that were present offered great products and services. Looking forward to next year!” – Marsha Feldman, Ms. U.S. Ambassador Queen Woman of Achievement 2017

“I did not know what to expect from WEX and was a bit nervous attending solo. I ended up having a great time, the day went by so quickly with so many educational workshops, inspiring speakers, and I met some wonderful women throughout the day as well. I’m definitely looking forward to WEX 2018!” – Rosa M., Marketing Manager

This event honors its name because I felt empowered after spending the whole day with wonderful, successful women who shared their stories and their recommendations. I am looking forward to seeing how this event grows, and I would love to eventually be one of the presenters.” – Rosangel Von Eichwald, Accounting & E-commerce Coordinator

“This event was awesome! I liked everything about the Women Empower Expo! I love to see people coming together helping and inspiring one another! Great event! Thanks a lot I am looking forward to the next one!” – Rabiyah, Owner of AmbitiousChics.com

The speakers and the expo creator, Alexa Carlin testimonies were very inspiring! I’m so glad that they provided us with the tools needed to make us the successful women we are! I’m looking forward to next year! Many thanks!” – Linda Williams, WEXDC 2017 Attendee

“I really enjoyed WEX. As a beginner blogger and on my first steps on becoming a social influencer/ fashion designer. I truly relished this event. I learned so much and felt empowered. The wonderful advice and speeches were motivating. Thank you for everything!” – Jacqueline Vonlippke, blogger

The Women Empower Expo was the best event I have ever had the pleasure of being an exhibitor at! The venue was well chosen and extremely well organized on the day of the expo and in the planning leading up to it. The energy of the event was positive, uplifting, and very inspiring. I was honored to have the pleasure to co-create in such a high vibrational environment. Wishing the Women Empower Expo and the founder Alexa Carlin much love, success, and blessings in the future!” -Autumn Seibel, Founder of Golden Otter Divinations

This wasn’t just a great networking event of people from across the miles, but a real community networking event where if you made a connection, you can meet, have lunch, form a partnership vs. other empty networking events where you have to chase the person down or is filled with empty conversation and chatter. I am glad that I went…even now, still on an incredible high from realizing and acknowledging that there’s nothing like having gal pals and small or large network of girlfriends.” – Hope Cousin, Marketing and Advertising Professional

“WEX DC was different from the normal conference. It was power packed with strong speakers. The environment was up beat, high energy and inspiring. Loved the diversity!” – Cherina Tidwell-Watson, WEXDC 2017 Attendee

“The Women Empower Expo was a phenomenal experience. I met wonderful women in the area who all share the same goals of supporting each other. The sessions provided excellent information for business and personal growth. I am looking forward to more events in the future.” – Dacie Bridge, PhD; Postdoctoral Fellow

“I had an amazing time at the Expo! I came to the Expo alone, so I was a little worried that I would feel uncomfortable am deathly out of place. But that wasn’t the case at all! I felt nothing but positive energy in all of the women I met, and even the passers by. We need more events like this for women!! I would love to speak or have a booth for one of these events in the future! It was simply amazing!” Brittany F., WEXDC 2017 Attendee